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Bulk Incense Cones - Dragons Blood

Product code: BinC-04

Dragons Blood incense sticks are made from a bright red resin from a range of distinct tropical trees, called dragon trees, like Croton or Dracaena. Dragons blood gives a distinct aroma. Smells sweet and soft, similar to amber. You can use dragons blood incense to protect your home,but it is also known for calming the mood. 

These Indian Incense Cones with their amazing colour and exotic fragrance are really awsome. With 25 mm high they are larger than average. 

Light the tip of the cone, blow out the flame and allow the incense cone to smoulder, releasing the smoke, infused with the scent.

Origin India
Net weight 1.6Kg /piece
Shipping weight 1.149Kg
Dimensions 13x10.5x21 (cm), 2.867L, 0.558Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Wood Powder, Joss Powder, Colors, Synthetic Fragrances, Burning Powder-Potassium Nitrate 30 gms/Kg
Barcode 5055796561728
Materials / Ingredients