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Bulk Incense Cones - Orange & Cinnamon

Product code: BinC-20

The sweet, woody scent of Cinnamon in combination with fruity scent of Orange brings in a freshness and new energy to your space. Orange and Cinnamon incense lifts the spirit, makes any manifestation practices or spell castings more efficient, welcomes vitality to the body and soul. When you light this incense, you will fill your home with the energy of success.

These Indian Incense Cones with their amazing colour and exotic fragrance are really awsome. With 25 mm high they are larger than average. 

Light the tip of the cone, blow out the flame and allow the incense cone to smoulder, releasing the smoke, infused with the scent.

Origin India
Net weight 1.6Kg /piece
Shipping weight 1.13Kg
Dimensions 13x10.5x21 (cm), 2.867L, 0.558Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Wood Powder, Joss Powder, Colors, Synthetic Fragrances, Burning Powder-Potassium Nitrate 30 gms/Kg
Barcode 5055796561889
Materials / Ingredients