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50g Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea -1st Grade

Product code: ArTeaP-24

Matcha is a fine powder made from green tea leaves. It has a bright, emerald green colour and a rich, vegetal taste. The tea plants used to make matcha are shaded for the last few weeks leading up to the harvest, which results in a dark green tea leaf that contains higher levels of chlorophyll, caffeine, and l-theanine. After the tea leaves are harvested, they are steamed in order to halt the oxidation process. They are then stone-ground into a fine powder and packaged for sale.

Culinary grade matcha is a high-quality tea that is traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. This type of matcha is made from the youngest tea leaves that are handpicked and ground into a fine powder. Organic Ceremonial Matcha has a delicate and subtle flavour profile, with a slightly sweet aftertaste. It is typically enjoyed on its own, whisked with hot water to create a frothy, bright green tea.

 It tends to be slightly more subtle and nuanced than culinary grade matcha, and should be consumed on its own rather than added to lattes and other confections.

Origin Japan
Net weight 0.05Kg /piece
Shipping weight 0.15Kg
Dimensions 12x20x3 (cm), 0.72L, 0.069Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Matcha Green Tea
Barcode 5056422952835
Materials / Ingredients