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User Guide to AWGifts Dropshipping 

The AWGifts drop-shipping is simple and easy to use, here we take you through the steps to process your orders efficiently. 

Step one.. select products to sell.

Select your products. Decide which products you will focus your marketing on. As you browse the departments and products you can see the button "Add to Portfolio" These will appear in your "Portfolio" list accessed from the tab in the menu bar. At a glance you can see which items are out of stock, or low stock. The system also emails you updates, so you know if something is out of stock. 

Step two.. add customers.

You can manually add customers as you get orders, or upload an existing list of customers. Click on the "Customers" tab on the menu bar, then click "Add Customer" complete the required fields and add.  Later as you receive orders you will be able to see who your best customers are and track sales.

Step three.. add orders.

OK you have received an order. In the "Customer" tab, find the customer by clicking the "filter table" icon on the right top side and typing the first letters of the customer name, by the customer click "New Order". Now you need to know the product code of the ordered items, type this in the "Add Product Code" box and the product will appear, add the quantity and then click the little green cloud to update the order.  It's always a good idea to use the system product codes in your stores system, so you avoid errors and speed up the order process.

If you add products not already in your "Portfolio" then they will automatically be added so you can monitor the sales of that product.

If you make an order and add a new customer on check out, that customer will be automatically added to your customer list.

Step four.. pay and submit.

Click "Go to checkout" to pay and send the order to the drop-shipping system. Now your customers order will be picked and packed and shipped, you can check the progress in the "Order" tab.  

To save time..  If you have a list of orders and don't want to add payment details for each individual order, you can add a credit balance by clicking on the piggy bank icon (top right) and payments will be automatically applied reducing your balance. Then you will be able to just click the submit order button.