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Banjara Smudge Pyramid Cones - White Sage

Product code: BanjSC-04

Discover the power of the pyramid with Banjara's all-new Smudge Pyramid Cones, a revolutionary addition to our holistic wellness product line. These remarkable cones are designed to unlock the potential of pyramid power, offering a range of benefits that can enhance your well-being and elevate your surroundings.

Each set of Smudge Pyramid Cones is elegantly presented in a stylish pack. Each pack is containing 10 of these unique pyramid-shaped smudge cones.

White Sage carries a clean and herbal scent that has been used for centuries in Native American traditions for purification and cleansing rituals. 

It's ideal for smudging and clearing negative energies, allowing you to refresh your surroundings and promote clarity and positivity.

Origin India
Net weight 0,04Kg /pack
Shipping weight 0,042Kg
Dimensions 12x5x2 (cm), 0,12L, 0,333Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients resin
Materials / Ingredients