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Buddha Feng Shui Set - Flower Mandala - Blue (2 Designs)

Product code: BFSS-02

Enrich your offerings with the ethereal beauty of our Flower Mandala-themed Buddha Feng Shui Set in soothing blue tones. 

Beyond its artistic appeal, the set carries profound meaning – the intricately carved Buddha signifies enlightenment, while the Flower Mandala symbolizes the universe's harmony. 

This enchanting piece, crafted from sustainable albasia wood, introduces a touch of celestial elegance to any space. 

As retailers, seize the opportunity to provide customers with a product that not only captivates the eye but also fosters spiritual growth and connection.


Buddha: W: 22 cm, H: 26 cm

Stand: Diameter: 29 cm, H: 45 cm

Please note, that Buddha Statues are crafted in two different positions - Vitarka and Anjali Mudra. Positions are assorted and can not be choosen in advance.

Origin Indonesia
Net weight /Set
Shipping weight 2.45Kg
Materials / Ingredients albasia wood
Barcode 5056368324284
Materials / Ingredients