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Buddha Feng Shui Set - Mandala - Green

Product code: BFSS-05

Presenting our Buddha Feng Shui Set - Mandala - Green showcasing the mesmerizing Buddha Knot pattern in a serene Green hue. This unique set seamlessly melds Buddha's spiritual essence with the profound symbolism of the Buddha Knot, instilling a harmonious and uplifting aura in any environment.

The Buddha embodies enlightenment and inner serenity, fostering a calm and mindful ambiance.

The Buddha Knot, or eternal knot, signifies the interconnectedness of all elements and the perpetual flow of energy—an emblem of life's unending cycle, wisdom, and spiritual evolution.

This set's amalgamation of Buddha and Buddha Knot establishes a potent synergy, promoting spiritual wellness and a sense of interconnected existence.

Tailored for retailers, this Buddha Feng Shui Set in Blue proves to be an exceptional addition to home decor stores, wellness centers, or gift shops. Its enchanting design and positive vibrancy are sure to captivate customers.


Buddha: 25cm

Stand: H- 45cm

Origin Indonesia
Net weight /Set
Shipping weight 2.45Kg
Materials / Ingredients albasia wood
Barcode 5056368324314
Materials / Ingredients