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Chakra Obelisk

Product code: BBCs-07

Crafted with care, each stone is handcrafted from the finest gemstones, with seven distinct colors representing the individual Chakras. Originating from the mystical land of India, these Bonded Chakra Stones embody centuries-old traditions of gemstone healing. 

Bonded Chakra Stones are more than just beautiful decorations; they are profound tools for enhancing well-being and spiritual harmony. These esoteric gems are destined to captivate your gemstone-loving customers and collectors alike. 

Elevate your energy with our Chakra Obelisk, a powerful gemstone tool designed to align and balance your Chakras. Crafted from exquisite gemstones, each obelisk is a symbol of ancient wisdom and spiritual harmony. When used in meditation or energy healing practices, the Chakra Obelisk channels the vibrant energies of the Chakras, promoting inner balance and well-being.

Please note that as these Bonded Chakra Stones are artisan-made, slight variations in size and weight may occur due to their handcrafted nature.

Origin India
Net weight 0,044Kg /piece
Shipping weight 0,044Kg
Dimensions 65x10 (mm)
Materials / Ingredients gemstone
Barcode 5056368315381
Materials / Ingredients