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Lrg Gemstone Tree - Amethyst on Natural Agate Base (100 stones)

Product code: AGemT-08

These remarkable creations are a symphony of colors, energy, and style that will truly captivate your customers. Crafted with care and artistic finesse, each Gemstone Tree is designed to both delight the eye and harmonize your space.

The Large Amethyst Gemstone Tree commands tranquility and balance in grander settings. It's a majestic presence promoting emotional well-being and mental clarity.

The branches of these trees are crafted from flexible metal wire, so customers can adjust them to their liking, creating a dynamic and unique display. You  will be drawn to these exquisite pieces that fuse aesthetics with healing and transformation.


9 x 5 x 13cm

Origin India
Net weight 0,1Kg /tree
Shipping weight 0,1Kg
Dimensions 9x5x13 (cm), 0,585L, 0,171Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients gemstone, metal chain, chipstones
Materials / Ingredients